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At West U Chiropractic, our goal is to assist individuals in their quest for a better Quality of Life. Living long is great, but not if you are in a nursing home with a tube in your stomach or your are dealing with chronic pain or some other debilitating condition.

With Quality of Life as your goal, how we obtain our youthful energy and appearance or how we rid our body of a chronic disease, is all about science. That is why we use scientific objective testing to determine each individuals needs and then recommend the appropriate regime to resolve specific health needs or assist in resolving specific issues.


If your goal is to become healthier, decrease medication, strive to live disease free and enjoy life, scientific testing will provide many answers toward that endeavor.

What type of tests depends on a particular patient's issue, but we can use any one (or more) of a variety of tests:

Stool Analysis - the gut or GI track, is the KEY to your health!  There are more nerves in a GI system than in the entire remainder of the body, including the brain and spinal cord!  That is why for many acute and chronic conditions, seeing the chemical composition through advanced laboratory testing can provide essential data and help determine the underlying cause of many diseases and conditions.  This test looks at the breakdown, absorption of foods and chemical/nutritional needs of the GI track.  (See Success Stories)

Adrenal Testing - "wired and tired" - that is how many patients described their day.  They wake up tired and go to bed tired.  They are never rested, always fatigued, gaining weight, cold, aging too quickly and their brain is in a fog.  STRESS is killing them and they know it, but they don't know what to do about it.  If this sounds like you, you might be dealing with an adrenal issue, which is a very small gland that provides the body with major hormones. Successfully addressing adrenal issues start with knowing their current condition and adrenal testing achieves just that - and supplementation provide substantial relief!

Spectra Cell - this test looks inside the cell to determine what, if any deficiencies, your body's cells might have. What is carried in the blood is worthless unless in gets inside the cell where it is utilized. Only when the nutrient is inside the cell, does the cell function properly.

Elisa/Act - a food allergy test. We all know that people can be allergic to certain foods, but what most do not know, is that those allergies can cause systemic diseases like IBS (irritable bowl syndrome), fibromyalgia, etc. Food allergies do not necessarily show up immediately and that is why most people do not know or associate food allergies to diseases.


Comprehensive Metabolic Profile (CMP) - this test reveals the true interactions within the metabolism within your body. CMP shows essential nutrient and digestive system abnormalities that may be the root cause of systemic diseases. Cellular energy, neural function, detoxification through the liver, bacteria origin and many other results provide a clear picture that can be the cause of disease.

If your current situation isn't providing you with clear concise answers to your questions or you still are not feeling well or you just want to know that you are are doing everything you can to maintain optimum health, consider calling West U Chiropractic for an initial consultation. You only have one life to live and the quality of that life is up to you.

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